ENE Brightspace Resources

Brightspace is Purdue's learning management system. Below is a collection of resources available to help users navigate Brightspace.

Purdue's Brightspace help can be found at

If you cannot find help using the resources below, you may refer to with questions regarding Brightspace.

Brightspace How-To PDFs

The pdfs contain instructions along with screenshots to guide the user through the procedure.

General course settings:

How to merge Brightspace sections:

How to download ...

How to copy ...

Managing quizzes and assignments:

Managing grades:

Finally, be aware of bulk editing features in Brightspace. These can be very useful to make sure all dates are set correctly, or to change many dates at once, or to shift dates by a certain amount of hours and days etc.:

Other Resources

Here is the official Brightspace documentation. Use the search at the top of the page, usually results are quite useful and there are many articles: Brightspace Documentation. Here the direct link to the Getting Started for Instructors and Learners.

Here is the official Brightspace Tutorials YouTube channel. There are hundreds of videos that explain many different features of Brightspace: Brightspace Youtube Tutorials.

Here are video tutorials for Brightspace from Purdue itself. These videos are tailored for the Purdue Brightspace version. There exist slight differences to the Brightspace versions of other universities and thus the YouTube tutorials above are sometimes not as helpful: Brightspace video tutorials. Here also the direct link to the YouTube Playlist for the Purdue Brightspace Videos: Purdue Brightspace Course Essentials.

Here is information about workshops and trainings. There is also a link for requesting a custom Brightspace workshop. You also find pdf tutorials with screenshots on the page (e.g. "Brightspace Basics"): West Lafayette Workshops and Training.

Here the Get Started page from Purdue Information Technology: Need help with the transition to Brightspace? Get started here.

Here the D2L Twitter: Purdue D2L Brightspace.