Hypergolic Propellants Laboratory

Resulting ignition after a single droplet of red fuming nitric acid contacted a pool of monomethylhydrazine (Click for video).

The Purdue University Hypergolic Propellants Lab is an interdisciplinary facility of the Maurice J. Zucrow Laboratories at Purdue University.

Our research focuses on hypergolic propellant ignition and combustion through system level testing and advanced diagnostic techniques. A major emphasis is on novel hypergolic propellant combinations.

  • Laboratory Summary
  • Hypergolic Propellants Laboratory Overview
  • Laboratory design and development discussed in:
    • Design, Development and Operation of a Combustion Test Facility for Monomethylhydrazine and Red Fuming Nitric Acid Gels, T.L. Pourpoint, J. Dennis, W.E. Anderson, S.F. Son, R.P. Lucht, S.D. Heister, and S.E. Meyer, Joint Army-Navy-NASA-Air Force (JANNAF-1858) Meeting, Arlington, VA, Apr. 2011.

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