Strategic Goal: Pinnacle of Excellence at Scale

  • Become the best in the world at the virtual-physical interface
  • Innovate learning for the largest pool of premier engineering talents
  • Empower industry


  • Raised $1.025B in Ever True Campaign that ended in June 2019, exceeding goal by 47%
  • First public engineering college that raised over $1B in a single campaign
  • Annual giving increased by ~30% from 2017
  • Record number of donors on Day of Giving: over 2,000 within 24 hours.




  • Creating knowledge and jobs together: attracting SAAB, SEL and other companies to Purdue
  • Indy 5G Zone opened in partnership with State of Indiana and private sector
  • Over 400 patent applications in 2019, ~40% increase from 2017
  • John Martinson Entrepreneurship Center launched
  • Contributed 75% of the startups founded at Purdue in 2019, which ranked top 3 in U.S.


Students working together





  • Partnership with USAID in global economic development in Africa, Asia and South America
  • Shah Family Global Innovation Lab launched
  • Record number of exchange and global competency students
  • Country-wide partnership: Colombia, Sweden, Taiwan
  • Became one of the two US universities partnering with International Olympics Committee


  • Largest number of women engineers graduated in one year
  • Record percentage of women graduate students
  • First time minority engineering graduation rate exceeded college average
  • Hispanic/Latino graduate student pipeline
  • First generation student academic bootcamp