Ryan Schultz and Michael Hayward student winners at INTER-NOISE 2012

Ryan Schultz and Michael Hayward, two graduate students at the Ray W. Herrick Laboratories, were named the winners of the Old Meets New competition at INTER-NOISE 2012 in New York City.  In this competition, students presented classic papers on noise control.  Ryan Schultz presented and discussed a paper by L.L. Beranek and G.A. Work on sound transmission through fuselage structures dating from 1948, and Michael Hayward presented and discussed a paper by F.V. Hunt, L.L. Beranek and D.Y. Maa on sound decay in rooms from 1939.   Michael also won the student paper competition based on his written article and oral presentation.  Ryan has just finished a MSME degree at the Ray W. Herrick Labs under the supervision of J. Stuart Bolton, and Michael is pursuing a MSME degree under the supervision of Patricia Davies and J. Stuart Bolton.