Making Donations to Support the Ray W. Herrick Laboratories

There are many activities that need your support.  While our main source of income comes from research contracts, these types of funds do not not allow us to do any major upgrade of facilities, purchase larger-scale instrumentation, refurbish and expand the building, help support students when there are funding glitches, or allow us to organise activities to improve the climate and culture at the Laboratories. Flexible funds also allow us to do more exploratory research which helps us initiate new research directions.

We have four main areas that people are contributing to:
* Herrick Laboratories Building Fund (see below)
* Ray Cohen Excellence in Thermal Systems Fund
* Herrick Laboratories General Operations
* William E. Fontaine Student Fellowship Fund
* Other, as you designate.

Our research activities at the Laboratories are related to energy, the environment, quality of life and sustainability. One of our key philosophies is to work with industry so that the fruits of our research can be used to produce better products and improved environments. Our academic areas are thermal sciences; acoustics, noise & vibration control; modeling, monitoring and control of electromechanical systems. Our research areas are under the supervision of the Herrick Laboratories faculty.

Herrick Labs Building Fundraising Campaign


The Herrick Laboratories Building Campaign is to generate funds to rebuild the Laboratories.  While we love the old building we are very cramped now and it is hard to fit the 70+ graduate students and 10+ visiting scholars into this space, and there is no space for new faculty offices. Along with all of these people, there is the corresponding experimental space needs.   The lack of space is inhibiting our ability to take advantage of new research opportunities. 

In a three-phase building campaign, we want to create a new Herrick Labs that is about double the floor space of the current building.  It will house the Perception-Based Engineering Laboratory, and expand the area for the thermal systems & air quality, acoustics and vibrations, structural dynamics and prognostics, engines and electro-mechanical systems research programs.  We want the new building to be a living laboratory, i.e., configured to enable testing of new building technologies and energy management strategies, and have low energy consumption and be environmental friendly. A green building & then some....  Bringing together our expertise in engineering systems  and our understanding, through our interdisciplinary collaborations, of impact of building environments (thermal, air quality, noise, vibration, & lighting) on humans (comfort, health, performance, productivity), it is our dream is that the new Herrick Labs. will facilitate adoption of advanced building technologies where both energy consumption and environmental impact can be minimized while creating a healthy, comfortable and high productivity environment for building occupants.

To make this dream come true, in each of the three phases of the fund raising campaign, we will need to raise around 11 million dollars.  For us to be successful in this ambitious campaign, we will need the help and support of our alumni and friends—either in direct contributions to the campaign or by helping us in the campaign. 

All contributions are very welcome. For all of you who have contributed in the past, my sincere thanks, your gifts really help us out tremendously.


Patricia Davies
Director, Ray W. Herrick Laboratories.
177 S. Russell Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2099



Giving by Mail



Note on giving to Purdue:
When you make gifts to the University, you must designate the destination of that gift.

Don’t assume because you are a Herrick alumnus/alumna it will make its way to us—it will not. It will, of course, be used for the general benefit of the University, but will perhaps not directly help particular Herrick Laboratories' projects.

Make your
check payable to the "Purdue Foundation." 

If you want to donate to the new building, on the memo/notes line on the check write “For the Ray W. Herrick Laboratories' Building Fund” and re-emphasize this destination in your letter and/or accompanying paperwork.

If you would like to start or continue to contribute to other activities, just make the memo/notes line: For the Ray W. Herrick Laboratories' General Operations;  or Fontaine Fellowship Fund;  or Ray Cohen Excellence in Thermal Sciences Fund

People also make gifts to support other activities, e.g., to support a Professor's research; to endow a professorship; support a research assistantship in a particular area. Support for any of our activities is very welcome.

You can send the check to the Director (Patricia Davies) at Ray W. Herrick Laboratories, and we will forward it to the University Development Office, who handle all the paperwork and make sure that your gift is acknowledged for tax purposes. Or, you can also send it directly to them at: Dick and Sandy Dauch Alumni Center, 403 W. Wood Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907-2007. 

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If you have questions, about giving, deferred gifts, stock options, etc. contact Laura Edwards, the ME Director of Development.  Phone  (765) 494-9769 or send e-mail to


Giving by Mail