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2014 Purdue Conferences

It has been a tradition since 1972 for the Ray W. Herrick Laboratories at Purdue University to sponsor the venue for the opportunity to exchange ideas, information and cutting-edge research in the area of refrigeration technology, compressors, high performance buildings and closely related fields. In today's economy, it is important to maintain your professional contacts and to keep current on the latest research.

Join us July 14 - 17, 2014!

Compressor Engineering


In 2012 the International Compressor Engineering Conference at Purdue celebrated its 21th gathering. Conference highlights include the presentation of 120 papers, covering a range of topics from conventional compressor design enhancements to novel and innovative compression technologies. Topics for the 2014 conference will include sessions on specific compressor technologies such as reciprocating, rotary, scroll, screw, centrifugal, linear and novel compressors; in addition, there will be sessions that cover issues and present modeling and evaluation tools related to compressor design and reliability, such as noise control, vibration, gas pulsations, materials, lubrication, wear, and valves.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning


The International Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Conference covers a wide range of topics of interest to researchers and engineers involved in the development of technology improvements and/or assessments of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. In 2012, proceedings for this conference included 195 papers from authors all over the world. For 2014, we are soliciting papers on topics ranging from fundamental to applied, including heat transfer and fluid flow fundamentals, alternative refrigerants and working fluids, modeling of components and systems, heat exchanger enhancements and characterizations, controls, diagnostics, domestic, commercial and industrial refrigeration, heat pumps, transport refrigeration and air conditioning.

High Performance Buildings


The International High Performance Buildings Conference started in 2010 and it was a great success. In 2012, 55 papers were presented covering several areas of building design, operation and performance. The topics for the 2014 conference include: building envelope systems, indoor environment and air quality, visual and thermal comfort, building energy modeling and simulation, building materials, lighting and daylighting, building performance monitoring and diagnostics, HVAC systems, mixed-mode cooling and natural ventilation, building controls, net-zero energy building design, renewable and sustainable energy technologies for buildings, and related case studies on high performance building design and operation.

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