Organizing Committee

General Conference Chair

Eckhard Groll

International Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Conference Chair

James E. Braun

International Compressor Engineering Conference Chair

W. Travis Horton 

International High Performance Buildings Conference Chair

Thanos Tzempelikos

Short Course Chairs

Neera Jain - Buildings Short Course

Bill Murphy - Refrigeration Short Course

Director, Herrick Laboratories

Patricia Davies

Student Planning Team Members

Harshad Inamdar

Andy Hjortland

Jason Konstantzos

Stephen Caskey

Orkan Kurtulus

Domenique Lumpkin

 Additional Contributors

Purdue University Thermal Systems Research Area Students

Dr. Ian Bell, University of Liege

Panagiota Karava, Purdue University Civil Engineering

General Conference Inquiries

Kim Stockment


Contact Information

Kim Stockment
+1 765.494.6078