Optimization of HVAC&R Systems

Main Organizers and Presenters: 

Vikrant Aute - University of Maryland

Bo Shen - Oak Ridge National Labs

Neera Jain - Mitsubishi Electric Research Lab

Bill Murphy - University of Kentucky

Sponsored and Organized by USNC-IIR


Before computers, vapor compression systems were designed using the experience of senior engineers that had developed an intuition for how component changes would affect performance, then verified with laboratory testing.  The availability of desktop computers allowed system components to be modeled and a system pieced together to simulate what would be measured in the laboratory.  Even with such computer power, the final design still depends to some extent on the intuition of the design engineer in selecting component details.

As HVAC manufacturers approach the practical limits of system performance using conventional components, a different design approach must be used to squeeze out the last bit of available efficiency.  Design optimization methods can be used to identify the best of the hundreds of possible component combinations, without requiring the intuition of the senior engineers or the extensive laboratory testing. 

This short course focuses on the use of modern computer optimization methods in the design of vapor compression systems.  It begins with fundamental optimization techniques and then applies these methods to examples of heat transfer and fluid flow.  Hands-on examples using Excel spreadsheets will be used to illustrate these optimization methods.  Advanced topics related to the Oak Ridge heat pump design model and system control optimization techniques will also be covered, along with a discussion of how optimization can be used in a broader manufacturing context. 

All participants are encouraged to bring their laptop PC with them so they can participate in the hands-on session using Excel spreadsheet programs that will be provided.

2014 Agenda

The sessions will be be held in RAWLS HALL on the Purdue University Campus.



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