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2020 Purdue Conferences Short Courses and Workshops

Compressor 104 – Numerical and Experimental Techniques Applied to Noise and Vibration in Positive Displacement Compressors
Coordinated by: Eckhard A. Groll (Purdue University), Orkan Kurtulus (Purdue University), Davide Ziviani (Purdue University)

In this fourth edition of the Compressor Short Course, the fundamentals and the practical aspects of noise and vibration phenomena in positive displacement compressors will be covered. It is well known that compressor performance heavily replies on each single component and its unique interaction inside the compressor housing, and subsequently requires a thorough understanding of the composite system to resolve issues arising from noise and vibration. Each positive displacement compressor type is characterized by different compression mechanisms and fluid-structure interactions. During the course, lectures will focus on the main noise and vibration sources of each compressor type and provide numerical and experimental methodologies to identify and mitigate such effects.  The short-course consists of eight 45-minute lectures and will provide ample time for hands-on experience and discussion.
Refrigeration Short Course 1 – Ejector Design for Vapor Compression Systems (morning session)
Coordinated by: Prof. William Murphy (retired University of Kentucky) and the U.S. National Committee of the IIR in collaboration with Herrick Laboratories Faculty
Ejectors are being developed as a way to improve vapor compression cycle efficiency by replacing the isenthalpic expansion process.  Ejectors have no moving parts, like expander work recovery devices, so they have the potential to produce simpler and lower cost designs with improved system reliability.
Refrigeration Short Course 2 – Update on Flammable Refrigerants (afternoon session)
Coordinated by: Prof. William Murphy (retired University of Kentucky) and the U.S. National Committee of the IIR in collaboration with Herrick Laboratories Faculty
The demand for refrigerants with lower GWPs has led to a class of refrigerants that are considered mildly flammable.  The use of flammable refrigerants will require changes in various safety codes and guidelines related to building design, installation and service requirements, and system design.

Coordinated by: Jim Braun (Purdue University), Gregor Henze (University of Colorado), Panagiota Karava (Purdue University), Neera Jain (Purdue University)

The IBO Workshop is an annual event that alternates between the University of Colorado Boulder and Purdue University. It began in 2011 and has been held 6 times since. In 2020, it will be presented at Purdue in combination with the conferences. The IBO-Purdue Workshop will cover the state-of-the-art in intelligent building operation technologies and applications that can enable scalable and cost-effective solutions. The workshop will be held on the Sunday, July 12 and will feature invited presentations. In addition, IBO-Purdue will feature several technical sessions that will be held during the subsequent Purdue International High-Performance Buildings (HPB) and Refrigeration & A/C Conferences. The technical session presentations will be supplemented with papers that are part of the proceedings of these two conferences. IBO-Purdue Workshop participants will be able attend any of the technical sessions associated with all three of the parallel Purdue Conferences

For Additional Information Regarding the Conferences, Please contact:

Brian Barrett
Conference Coordinator
Ray W. Herrick Laboratories
177 S. Russell Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2099
+1 765-494-6078