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Prof. Inseok Hwang

Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Purdue University
Lab Director of the Flight Dynamics and Control/Hybrid Systems Laboratory


Visiting Professor

Prof. Cheolhyeon Kwon

Visiting Assistant Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics


Ph.D. Students

James Goppert

Research Interests:
Cyber Security of UAVs


Jooyoung Lee

Research Interests:
Hybrid Systems Modeling and Estimation
Air Traffic Management
Clustering Analysis
Path Planning of Autonomous Systems
Multi-sensor Data Fusion/Fault Detection and Isolation

Amelia Earhart Fellowship, Spring 2017

Jayaprakash Suraj Nandiganahalli

Research Interests:
Adaptive robust control and estimation
Time delay systems
Human-machine interaction
Applications: flight control, motion control of linear motor drives,
target tracking, flight deck safety

Donnan PhD Dissertation Fellowship, Purdue University, 2017-2018

Kwangyeon Kim

Research Interests:
Hybrid Optimal Control and Estimation
Machine Learning
Air Traffic Management

DoHyeung Kim

Research Interests:
Estimation of Systems
Multi-sensor Data Fusion

Byunghoon Oh

Research Interests:
Optimal Decision Making for Multiple Agent System


Scott Yantek

Research Interests:
Control and estimation for unmanned vehicles

Arvin-Calspan/Gene Anderson Fellowship, May 2015


Chiyu Zhang

Research Interests:
UAV guidance/modeling/simulation
Multi-target tracking

Raj Deshmukh

Research Interests:
Multi-agent consensus estimation and control
Machine learning and air-traffic management


M.S. Students

Omanshu Thapliyal

Omanshu Thapliyal

 Research Interests:
  • Estimation under lossy channels
  • Hybrid Estimation
  • Machine learning & Statistical inference

Dawei Sun

Research Interests:
Distributed Control
Cyber Security Issues


Visiting Scholars


Alumni - Post-Doc

Sangjin Lee

Fall 2016, Visiting Assistant Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Ford Motor Company, MI, USA


Alumni - Ph.D. Students

Chze Eng Seah

Fall 2005 - Spring 2009
Thesis: "Stochastic Linear Hybrid Systems: Modeling, Estimation and Application" 

DSO National Laboratories, Singapore


Jinhua Li

Fall 2005 - Fall 2009
Thesis: "Numerical Methods for Optimal Control of Hybrid Systems and Applications to the National Airspace System"



Rosemary Huang

Spring 2007 - Fall 2012
Thesis: "Guidance of Low-Thrust Spacecraft"

The Aerospace Corporation, CA, USA


Weiyi Liu

Fall 2008 - Fall 2012
Thesis: "State Estimation and Optimal Control of Stochastic Hybrid Systems: Theory and Applications"

Facebook, CA, USA

Jian Wei

Fall 2009 - Spring 2014
Thesis: "Dynamic Airspace Configuration Algorithms for Next Generation Air Transportation System "

MathWorks, MA, USA

Sangjin Lee

Fall 2011 - Summer 2016
Thesis: Information Inference for Cyber-Physical Systems with Application to Aviation Safety and Space Situational Awareness

Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship, Purdue University, February 2015

Fall 2016, Visiting Assistant Professor, Purdue University, IN, USA

Sanghyun Shin

Fall 2013 - Spring 2017

Caterpillar, IL, USA

Cheolhyeon Kwon

Fall 2013 - Spring 2017

Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship, Purdue University, May 2016

Fall 2017 - Spring 2018, Visiting Assistant Professor, Purdue University, IN, USA


Alumni - Master Students, Thesis

Javier Lovera Yepes

Fall 2004 - Fall 2005
Thesis: "Pilot's Intent Inference and Aircraft Trajectory Prediction with Applications to Air Traffic Control"


Jeeyeon Hahn

Spring 2006 - Spring 2008
Thesis: "A Rule-based Conflict Resolution Alogorithm for the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen)"


Pankit Kotecha

Fall 2007 - Spring 2009
Thesis: "Tube Network and Dynamic Sectorization of Airspace for Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen)"

Rockwell Collins, IW, USA


Alinda Aligawesa

Fall 2007 - Summer 2009
Thesis: "The Detection and Localization of Traffic Congrestion for Highway Traffic Systems using Hybrid Estimation Techniques"

NASA Godard Space Center

Brandon Wampler

Fall 2007 - Fall 2010
Thesis: "Vision Enhanced Navigation for Unmanned Systems" 

US Air Force


Mehernaz Savai

Spring 2009 - Fall 2010
Thesis: "A Graph Based Algorithm for Adaptable Dynamic Airspace Configuration for NextGen"

MathWorks, MA, USA


Alan Kim

Fall 2009 - Spring 2011
Thesis: "Graph Based Algorithms for Swarm Intelligence with Applications to MAVs"

Boeing, AL, USA

Garrett Mann

Fall 2009 - Spring 2011
Thesis: "Aircraft Taxiway Conformance monitoring with Constrained Stochastic Linear Hybrid Systems" 

James Goppert

Spring 2007 - Spring 2011
Thesis: "An Adaptable, Low Cost Test-Bed for Unmanned Vehicle Systems Research"

PhD student at Purdue

Mengchen Viviane Liang

Spring 2009 - Spring 2011
Thesis: "ADS-B and Multilateration Sensor Fusion Algorithm for Air Traffic Control"

Honeywell, MI, USA


Chandrasekar Sureshkumar

Fall 2010 - Fall 2012
Thesis: "Throughput Analysis for the National Aerospace System" 

Roush Fenway Racing, NC, USA

Andrew Shull

Fall 2011 - Spring 2013
Thesis: "Analysis of Cyberattacks on Unmanned Aerial Systems"

Northrop Grumman, AZ, USA

Vince Sciandra

Fall 2011 - Spring 2013
Thesis: "Detailed the design and validation of a sector design algorithm for real and simulated air routes and traffic"

Cheolhyeon Kwon

Fall 2011 - Summer 2013
Thesis: "Cyber Attack Analysis on Cyber-Physical Systems: Detectability, Severity, and Attenuation Strategy"

PhD student at Purdue

Sanghyun Shin

Fall 2011 - Summer 2013
Thesis: "Diagnostic Throughput Factor Ananlysis for En-route Airspace and Optimal Aircraft Trajectory Generation Based on Capacity Prediction and Controller Workload"

PhD student at Purdue

Mark Kane

Spring 2012 - Fall 2014 (Distance Learning)
Thesis: "Joint Architecture for Reusable Vehicle-Integrated Software (J.A.R.V.I.S.)"


Sangjun Lee

Fall 2012 - Spring 2015
Thesis: "Real-time RSSI-based Indoor Navigation for Autonomous UAV Flight"

PhD student at Purdue

David Kun

Fall 2013 - Spring 2015
Thesis: "Linear Matrix Inequality-Based Nonlinear Adaptive Robust Control with Application to Unmanned Aircraft Systems"

Rockwell Collins, IW, USA

Abhishek Vaidya

Spring 2014 - Spring 2016
Thesis: "Unsupervised Learning Framework for Large-Scale Flight Data Analysis of Cockpit Human Machine Interaction Issues"

Hao Lyu

Fall 2014 - Spring 2016
Thesis: "Flight Deck Human-Automation Mode Confusion Detection Using a Generalized Fuzzy Hidden Markov Model"

Arthur Lace

Spring 2015 - Spring 2016
Thesis: "Dynamic Sensor Tracking and IMM-EKF Estimation for Tracking Impulsive Maneuvering Satellites""


Raj Deshmukh

Fall 2015 - Spring 2017

PhD student at Purdue


Alumni - Master Students, Non-Thesis


Avinash Agawal

Fall 2004 - Spring 2006

Annie Cheng

Fall 2007 - Spring 2008

Research: Metroplex Super Density Operations

Yury Pensky

Spring 2008 - Summer 2008

Research: Satellite Tracking

Karl Fetzer

Fall 2007 - December 2010

Research: Taxi Conformance Monitoring


Charles Tytler

Fall 2010 - Spring 2012

Research: Air Traffic Control, Multiple Vehicle Control

Boeing, WA, USA

Yu Zheng

Spring 2010 - Spring 2013


Nandagopal Sathyamoorthy

Fall 2012 - Spring 2014

Research: Guidance and Navigation of UAV Systems, Cybersecurity Analysis of UAV Systems

Rockwell Collins, IW, USA

Byunghoon Oh

Fall 2013 - Spring 2015

PhD student at Purdue

Scott Yantek

Fall 2013 - Spring 2015

PhD student at Purdue

Suhas Srinivasan

Fall 2015 - Fall 2016

Research: UAV Guidance and Control

MathWorks, MA, USA

Shang Gao

Fall 2015 - Spring 2017

Research: Machine Learning, Optimal Control


Past Visiting Scholars


Sanghyo Lee
Ph.D. student, School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Seoul National University, Korea

December 2005 - February 2006

Research: Flight path control of a UAV system

Yeonju Eun
Ph.D. student, Department of Aerospace Engineering, School of Mechanical, Aerospace & Systems Engineering, KAIST, Korea

September 2007 - October 2008

Research: Arrival flight sequencing and scheduling

Prof. Ruoming An
Associate Professor, School of Astronautics, Harbin Institute of Technology, China

September 2009 - September 2010

Research: Control and optimization, fault diagnosis, estimation and system identification

Tong Wang
Ph.D. student, Department of Mechatronic Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology, China.

September 2008 - October 2010

Research: Dynamic Airspace configuration 

Yingjing Qian
Ph.D. student, Department of Astronautics Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, China.

September 2010 - September 2011

Research: Orbital Dynamics, Orbit and Attitude Determination


Hyunjin Choi
Ph.D. student, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Seoul National University, South Korea.

September 2011 - February 2012

Research: UAV Guidance and Control

Xiangmin Guan
Ph.D Student, School of Electronic and Information Engineering, Beihang University, China.

August 2012 - October 2013

Research: Air traffic control, Conflict resolution

Prof. Do-Hyun Kim
Professor, Hanseo University, Korea

February 2013 - February 2014

Prof. Daewoo Lee
Professor, Pusan National University, Pusan, Korea

September 2012 - August 2013

Yoshinori Matsuno
Ph.D. Student, School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, The University of Tokyo, Japan

August 2012 - October 2013

Research: Air traffic control, Conflict resolution

Prof. Rui Xue
Professor, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China

May 2014 - May 2015

Research: Precision Navigation and Uncertainty Analysis

Prof. Minsuk Jie
Professor, Hanseo University, Korea

February 2015 - February 2016

Research: Robust Control and Applications

Chul Woo Kang, Ph.D.
Ph.D., Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Seoul National University, South Korea

October 2015 - October 2016

Research: Fault detection and isolation, Nonlinear estimation, Integrated navigation system

Prof. Han-Lim Choi
Professor, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea

July 2016 - July 2017

Information-theoretic decision making for cyber-physical systems
Navigation and planning of autonomous robots
Estimation and control for networked dynamic systems
Mixed-integer optimization algorithms
Uncertainty quantification of large-scale systems
Air and space vehicle guidance and control
Environmental sensing systems


Lab party (Spring 2012)


Lab party (Spring 2010)


Lab party (Spring 2009)



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