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People visit the gym to maintain their healthy lifestyle, and treadmill running is one of usual activities for the purpose. Despite its effectiveness, people sometimes suffer from treadmill boredom. To resolve the issue, people try to find some entertainment (e.g., music) that they can enjoy while running on a treadmill. Among many activities, reading could be a useful activity for joggers running on a treadmill. However, reading while running can be quite tiresome especially to eyes. Since the relative location of the eyes to the contents (i.e., the text) is vigorously changing, our eyes must constantly adjust to such changes, which is burdensome.

In order to alleviate this difficulty, we developed a infrared-camera-based contents stabilization technique, called “ReadingMate,” by using head-tracking to track the location of the jogger’s head/eyes and relocate the contents on a screen so that the contents appear to be stabilized. ReadingMate could be a potential solution for joggers who would like to read while running. We also believe that the technologies used in ReadingMate can be applied to other areas, such as aviation and construction, which require users to access visual information in turbulent environment. To find out more details about ReadingMate and our stueis, please refer to following publications.

Video Demo

YouTube - ReadingMate


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