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Behave Professionally in a Team

For many members, this is the first experience working in a team. Here are some suggestions about how to behave professionally.

  • Attend meetings on-time with preparation. Your time is precious, so is other's.
  • Prepare before going to a meeting. It may take you only a few minutes thinking about what to say in a meeting and the meeting is much more efficient. If you do not think before the meeting, you waste everyone's, including your own, time.
  • Bring a display converter with you, always. All displays on Purdue campus use HDMI. You save precious time and show respect to your teammates if you are ready to share.
  • Show up in social activities. You can learn a lot from your teammates when you talk to them outside laboratories.
  • Clean before you leave a room. 
  • Upload your passport photo (no cartoon, no funny faces) to github, slack, trello. 
  • Use only Purdue email for communciation. You must know that your email is the first layer of verfication of your identify. If you use any free email service, you immeidately lose credibility.