2021 Seed Grant Award Problem Statement Categories

Agriculture / Food Security Problem Statements

Problem #5: Need for low-cost solutions for food storage and transportation in Bangladesh.

Problem #6: Need for low-cost and low-maintenance seed drill technology for small and marginal farmers, suitable for small landholdings (of less than 0.5 ha) and uneven lands.

Problem #7: The Fall Army Worm outbreak continues to ravage farms in South Sudan and its effects are projected to significantly affect cereal production in the Country.

Problem #8: Sesame seed harvesting and subsequent oil production in South Sudan is limited due to inefficient manual oil extraction processes, as well as the lack of agricultural infrastructure, technical expertise, and a stable local market for seed and oil sales.

Problem #9: Due to its seasonal production, and its short lifespan, breadfruit is not always available on the market and cannot be distributed in remote and vulnerable regions when and where it is most needed to tackle chronic acute malnutrition among children living in rural areas in Haiti. 

Problem #10: Women and smallholder ginger farmers suffer loss in productivity and profitability due to lack of access to locally appropriate, low-cost, and effective ginger storage options.

Problem #11: South Sudan’s farmers have huge post-harvest loses due to poor and or inadequate food preservation knowledge or technologies.

Problem #12: Lack of value addition and affordable preservation methods of camel milk leads losses of about 50% of total milk produced in Kenya. 

Problem #13: Technology for receiving weather forecasts / information at the village / micro level for the small and marginal farmers.