Imperial College - UK

This program is a direct exchange between the Purdue University School of Materials Science Engineering and Imperial College Department of Materials. It is NOT open to students in any other majors.

Course work: The Department of Materials at Imperial College is the oldest and largest department of its kind in the UK. The department has attained a teaching quality assessment score of 24/24, and received a 5A rating in the nation's 2001 Research Assessment Exercise.

Departmental research and teaching in materials science and engineering are exceptionally broad, both in terms of the materials studied - metals, ceramics, polymers, glasses, composites, semiconductors and biomaterials, and in terms of the disciplines embraced - including physics, chemistry and many engineering disciplines. Recent additions to the undergraduate course include bioengineering and tissue engineering. New materials, such as high temperature superconductors, 'smart' materials and nanomaterials are continually being researched and developed.

Location: London, England is one of the world's most dynamic metropolises. The greater London area itself boasts one-eighth of the UK's total population.  There are countless museums, festivals, and attractions, and Purdue students should feel comfortable studying in London: it's home to 306,000 students in higher education.

Calendar: Link here.

For more program information, please visit the program website.

Program Location London, UK
Sponsor Purdue
Program Type Exchange
Course # SA 20290
Duration Spring Sem. or Two Semesters

Swedish Royal Institute of Technology KTH - Sweden

The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) is the largest and oldest institution for engineering education and technical research in Sweden with roots going back to the beginning of the 19th century. The academic program covers a wide spectrum of subjects from natural sciences to all areas of technology for about 14,500 students.

Program Location Stockholm, Sweden
Sponsor Purdue
Program Type Exchange
Course # SA 20273
Duration Spring Sem. or Two Semesters

Tohoku University - Japan

Tohoku University is the third oldest former Imperial University and is consistently ranked in the Top 5 of the best universities in Asia.  The current student enrollment is more than 16,000 with 1,200 overseas students from more than 60 countries.

The city of Sendai, with a population of one million, is two hours northeast of Tokyo by Shinkansen superexpress. Sendai is known as the ''City of Trees."  

Purdue students will participate in the Junior Year Program in English (JYPE).  Information about this program, including a list of courses, class schedules and course descriptions, can be read at the program's website.  Please refer to the Eligibility section below for special application requirements for this program.

Note that the application deadline for academic year applicants is 1 February.

For more program information, please visit the program website.

Program Location Sendai, Japan
Sponsor Purdue
Program Type Exchange
Course # SA 20209
Duration Two Semesters

Grenoble Institute of Technology - France

What is Grenoble Institute of Technology (Grenoble INP)?

  • one of 250 Grandes Écoles, French institutions of higher education specializing in one or two fields

  • offers programs in engineering with research centers for nanotechnologies, energy distribution and renewable energy

  • highly selective and small student body, approximately 5000 full-time students 

  • strong links with industry

  • significant research and development activities

Program Location Grenoble, France
Sponsor Purdue
Program Type Exchange
Course # SA 20155
Duration Semester or Two Semesters