The GEP’s Global Design Teams aim to design and implement innovative technologies in rural communities that raise the quality of life by providing sustainable access to basic human needs. The partnership between the GEP and E3 Labs is an initiative to establish an effective technology transfer mechanism for successful technologies created by Global Design Teams that are ready to begin the process of commercialization.

The organization’s mission is to offer the best available technologies for combating poverty and creating strong civil societies through the dissemination of a product line of engineered solutions designed and tested by Purdue global design team students.


In Janurary 2009, Kimberly-Clark Corporation’s (KCC) interest in improving the drinking water quality in the schools and homes of people in surrounding rural areas lead to a partnership with the Colombia GDT. KCC provided a grant to the Colombia GDT aimed at funding the development of an economical and effective drinking water treatment system for rural communities in Colombia. After three years of research, the Colombia GDT developed design breakthroughs for bench-scale slow sand filters. The Colombia GDT is currently finalizing its SSF design. In accordance with KCC’s goals, permission to commercialize the SSF has been granted to E3Labs.


E3 Labs Team

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