Andrea Burniske

Program Manager Innovation for International Development Laboratory


Phone: 765-496-3533

Andrea Burniske has a BA from U.C. Berkeley in Russian language and literature, and an MA from University of Oregon in Journalism and Communication, focusing on communication tools and concepts to promote social change. She has more than 20 years’ of experience in international development, 15 of which were spent developing and leading programs and projects outside of the US in countries such as Tajikistan, Peru, Colombia and Russia for various international development agencies. Her work has centered on environmentally sustainable economic and business development, women’s empowerment, emergency response, among other areas. Ms. Burniske started at Purdue as International Extension Program Coordinator for the College of Agriculture's International Programs in Agriculture, designing and managing projects in Guinea and Colombia. Her new position as Program Manager for the Innovation in International Development (I2D) Laboratory, seeks to connect Purdue’s engineering solutions with interdisciplinary partners and potential donors in solutions to extreme poverty, hunger, health, and community development.