Global Engineering Program Team (GEPT)

GEPT includes the Director's Office of Global Engineering Program, the faculty liaisons of various Schools in the College of Engineering and their alumni, selected campus units. The GEP Team are the advocates of the global engagement, learning and discovery initiatives within their schools or units and campus wide. GEPT members work with the GEP office to increase their school's faculty and student involvement in the global engagement, learning and discovery activities offered by the College of Engineering and by other campus units. GEPT members will work to maximize the impact of the faculty, student and community involvement in Engineering's global programs.

David Ayers
Associate Dean-International Programs
(765) 494-8463
Antonio Bobet
Professor Of Civil Engineering
(765) 494-5033
Andrew Brightman
Assistant School Head
(765) 496-3537
MJIS 1021F
Michael Brzezinski
Interim Vice Provost & Dean of International Programs
(765) 494-9399
Jill Churchill
Undergraduate International Programs Coordinator
(765) 494-1069
CIVIL 1259
Vicki Cline
Academic Program Administrator
(765) 494-4103
Room 2315 ARMS
Anne Dare
Graduate Research Assistant
(765) 496-1810
Civil Engineering 1259A
Margaret Drummond
Epics University Coordinator
(765) 494-3750
ARMS 1216
Jeffery Gray
Associate Professor Elect And Computr En
(765) 494-3390
EE 136
Eckhard Groll
Director of Office of Professional Practice and Professor of Mechanical Engineering
(765) 496-2201, (765) 494-7430
ME 364 and POTR 114
Brian Harley
Associate Dean of International Programs and Director of Study Abroad
(765) 494-2383
Young Hall Room 105
Dale Harris
Professor of Engineering Education and Executive Director of Engineering Professional Education
(765) 494-0212
POTR 364
Makarand Hastak
Department Head Construction Engr And Mg
(765) 494-0641
CIVL 1223
Brent Jesiek
Associate Director of Global Engineering Program and Assistant Professor, Engineering Education
Charles Krousgrill
Professor Mechanical Engineering
(765) 494-5738
James Litster
Prof Of Chem Engr/Indust And Phys Pharm
John Lumkes
Associate Director of Global Engineering Program, Associate Professor in Agricultural and Biological Engineering
(765) 494-1173
Sara Mccomb
Assoc Prof Of Nursing And Industrial Eng
Johnson Hall of Nursing Room 232
Zheng Ouyang
Associate Professor
(765) 494-2214
David Radcliffe
K. Haghighi Dept Head/Epistemology Pro
(765) 496-1290
Mary Schweitzer
Program Manager
(765) 494-2288
Civil Engineering 1259C
John Sutherland
Fehsenfeld Family Head Eee/Prof Me
(765) 496-9697