Global Engineering Programs Council (GEPC)

The Global Engineering Programs Council (GEPC) consists of representatives from Engineering Units and programs and serves as a focal point for coordinating global activities across the College. The purpose of the GEPC is to share information and best practices, discuss, and help shape the policies that affect international programs and activities across the College. This includes study abroad programs, global development and service learning, research partnerships, and strategic initiatives.

Robert Bean
Assistant Professor Nuclear Engineering
Andrew Brightman
Assistant Head BME/Associate Professor Engineering Practice
(765) 496-3537
MJIS 1021F
Patrick Brunese
Industrial Engineering, Senior Academic Administrator
Michael Brzezinski
Dean Of International Programs
(765) 494-8549
George Chiu
Assistant Dean of Global Programs and Partnerships and Professor of Mechanical Engineering
(765) 494-2688
WANG 4531
Jill Churchill
Short-term Study Abroad Specialist
(765) 494-1069
Wang 4th floor Suite 4500 C-1
Nathan Engelberth
Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Undergraduate Program Administrator
(765) 494-3060
Brandon Fulk
Division of Construction Engineering and Management, Internship Director
(765) 494-2242
HAMP 1259 A
Edwin Garcia
Graduate Student
James Garrison
Professor-Aeronautics and Astronautics/Electrical and Computer Engineering
(765) 496-7482
Jeffery Gray
Associate Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering
(765) 494-3390
EE 136
Rhonda Haan
Senior Administrative Assistant/Program Assistant
(765) 494-7414
Brian Harley
Associate Dean of International Programs and Director of Study Abroad
(765) 494-2383
Young Hall Room 105
Ayhan Irfanoglu
Professor Civil Engineering
(765) 496-8270
CIVL 4117 / BOWN 1022
Chad Jafvert
Lyles Family Professor of Civil Engineering/Division of Environmental and Ecological Engineering
(765) 494-2196
CIVL 3145D
Brent Jesiek
Associate Director of Global Engineering Program and Assistant Professor, Engineering Education
Amr Kandil
Associate Professor
CIVL 1231
Corey Linkel
Associate Director, Ug Programs
(765) 494-7871
MJIS 1021C
John Lumkes
Professor Agricultural & Biological Engineering
(765) 494-1173
Enrico Martinez Sainz
Professor of Engineering Practice
Forney 3053B
Sara Mccomb
Associate Professor of Nursing and Industrial Engineering
(765) 494-4029
Johnson Hall of Nursing Room 232
Zoltan Nagy
Professor Of Chemical Engineering
William Oakes
105th Anniversary Professor, Director of EPICS and Professor of Engineering Education
(765) 494-3892
ARMS 1211
H. Parker
Assistant Director for Latin America/Spain Program
(765) 494-9639
Mary Pilotte
Associate Professor Engineering Practice
Arms 1337B
Wei Qiu
Asia Pacific Programs Manager
(765) 496-1810
Cynthia Quillen
Sr Academic Advisor-Transfer/Sa Spec
(765) 494-3391
Xiulin Ruan
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
ME Building, Room 2153
Tamara Sells
Lead Administrative Assistant
(765) 496-8304
Wang Hall 4th Floor
Tammy Siemers
Professional Development and Extension Relations Specialist
(765) 496-0294
Suite 1021
Joseph Tort
Assistant Director Global Professional Practice
(765) 494-7323