Slow Sand Filters in the Amaga township in Colombia!

Students and staff of the Centro Educativo Olaya Heriera in the village of Nicanor Restrepo, Amagá Township in Colombia celebrate by drinking water from the slow sand filters installed by Civil Engineering Professor Chad T. Jafvert!


Respected Doctor Chad,

With Great joy we have received today, the rating of Potable Water for our school in the village of Nicanor Restrepo, Township Amagá. Officials of the Fundación EPM have visited us; to inform our community, the results of physical chemical and bacteriological analysis, that confirm the potability of water obtained with your slow sand filters; therefore, have authorized us consumption.

Thank you again and in your name to the prestigious Purdue University, and your immediate staff, Doctor John Howarter and B.S.E Fernando Andres Segovia. We do extend our thanks to Mrs. Catalina Sánchez and Mr. Carlos Flórez from Fundación EPM.

Having selected our school to install the pilot plant is a real privilege; we will carry in our hearts, your simplicity and your human quality with our children and humble community and wish you lots of success in your research projects. We annexed some pictures of our children enjoying the first glass of drinking water. We also hope that this marvelous program could become a reality for many other rural schools in Colombia.

My wife Gloria and I really appreciate your message, time and effort to make this dream a reality and look forward to serve you in anything you need.

Best Regards,

Hernando Cano
Gloria Bermúdez