Request for Volunteers in Civil, Electrical, and Green Engineering

Request for Volunteers in Civil, Electrical, and Green Engineering

Our non-governmental organisation – International Centre for Enterprise and Sustainable Development (ICED) – would be most grateful if you could kindly send us volunteer engineers from the organisation “Engineers without Barriers” to assist us in designing the building and architectural plans of a proposed International Horizon University College (IHU) at Kitase and Oyarifa, near Accra, Ghana.


The IHU aims to provide a wider access to university education for students and executive programme participants from all parts of the globe in pertinent fields of management, engineering, sustainable development, nursing and public health. It seeks to contribute significantly towards the building of adequate and competent human resource capacity of Africa and the world to ensure an effective and efficient management of the world’s resources


Specifically, we need engineers and architects who are specialized in Civil, Electrical and Green Architecture. Our objective is to make the IHU campus very unique in the sense that it should be completely ecological, sustainable and dovetail perfectly into the beautiful adjoining hills and landscape.


The four engineers (1 Civil and 1 Electrical) and (2 Architects specialised in eco-friendly building designs) will be stationed in Accra for a period of two years.

Please contact Mary Schweitzer in the Global Engineering Program if you are interested in this opportunity