The Office of Global Engineering Programs (GEP) is Purdue Engineering’s hub for international education, research, and engagement. In keeping with the College of Engineering’s strategic vision—“We will be known for our impact on the world”—GEP strives to provide engineering students and faculty with unique opportunities for global learning, research, and engagement.

GEP has three broad objectives:

  1. Increase participation of engineering students in transformative global experiences: We believe that immersive, transformative international experiences lead to more effective engineers – graduates that can work effectively across cultural, ethnic, and national boundaries. GEP staff work with Engineering schools and programs, and the University Study Abroad office, to reduce barriers for engineering students to undertake study and work abroad programs. We support the global engineering learning community, school-led semester programs, short-term study abroad programs, and college-level programs such as the Global Engineering Minor, East Asia Program, and the Exxon Mobil Foundation-supported Engineering in Latin America Program.
  2. Facilitate engineering impact on global sustainable development: Engineering innovation can and must play a central role in global progress towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). GEP coordinates the Innovation for International Development (I2D) Lab which helps translate Purdue’s engineering innovations and know-how to sustainable global development impact. It provides partnerships with key stakeholders and potential donors in international development, and seed funding for co-designing and testing appropriate solutions to global challenges related to water and sanitation, healthcare, energy access, labor-saving innovations, and information and communication technologies.
  3. Facilitate international partnerships for research and engagement in engineering: On behalf of the College, GEP actively seeks to develop or participate in strategic international partnerships for research, education, or capacity building in engineering. It facilitates engineering participation in strategic engagement efforts such as the Colombia-Purdue Institute and the Purdue Mexico Center for Sustainability. GEP also helps facilitate international collaborations for engineering faculty through the promotion of opportunities offered by US and other agencies such as Fulbright, EPSRC, DAAD, JSPS, CSC, IUSSTF, etc.