Leadership Through Global Impact

GEP serves the students, staff and faculty of Purdue University College of Engineering, offering comprehensive undergraduate and graduate academic programs in education, research and learning with focus on diversity, experience, reputation and effective solutions to the global engineering challenges of the 21st century and beyond.

  • Need for a discovery or service to solve or address a global challenge; ‘Need’ translates into enabling experiences that enhance the ability to effectively address global challenges.
  • Expertise that the College or its faculty, staff and students can offer to meet those Needs.
  • Recognition by international partners as possessing the Expertise to address the Needs.
  • Change in the quality of life as a result of intervention with Expertise.
  • Sustainability of the effort and impact in addressing current and future challenges
Driven by the increasing need for global learning, discovery and engagement opportunities with strong service components, GEP programs are designed to enrich faculty and student global experiences while benefiting the community, both at home and abroad. The global portfolio intersects with and leverages the discovery, learning, and engagement missions of the College of Engineering, specifically, and the University as a whole. GEP will jointly coordinate activities with each of these units in a way that maximizes synergy, efficiency of student and faculty experiences, and use of resources. 

GEP strives to provide services and expertise at the right time and place, offering ‘global impact through leadership for the benefit of ALL’. GEP seeks to maximize the Global Impact of Purdue’s College of Engineering through focus on the following core elements:

The Global Engineering Program (GEP) is making Purdue’s Global Impact a reality. GEP is building a comprehensive portfolio of global opportunities for faculty, staff and students that will provide global impact and increase Purdue’s global leadership footprint.