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Events & Announcements  

GEP's Anne Dare featured in Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance story: Colombia Farmer-to-Farmer

Volunteer Assignment and Impact: Anne provided training and technical assistance (field assessments and demonstrations) for local organizations and small producers of Meta Department, addressing the subject of sustainable wastewater management for households, farms, and agricultural processes.

Anne’s assignment was fairly recent. She expects that sanitation-related recommendations will improve environmental and public health resulting in increased confidence in products marketed by the farm and improved quality of life indicators. Nutrient management-related recommendations can increase production and reduce food/fodder expenses.

Takeaway messages/quotes: For Purdue, it was a great opportunity to have Anne do a F2F assignment. She is part of the Global Engineering Team (GEP), and the Purdue Water Community. The GEP already has many initiatives in Colombia with universities, and so the opportunity to link this team to on-the-ground actions and recommendations to promote greywater management in this area of Colombia, where water management and conservation is such a critical issue, has been gain for Purdue as well as the project beneficiaries.


100,000 Strong in The Americas Event

Monday, December 14, 2015

Associate Dean Arvind Raman attended this event at the White House to accept an Exxon Mobil grant. 

Video of Vice President Biden's speech