ECE 60872/CS 59000

Fault-Tolerant Computer System Design

Fall 2019



Office hours:

Saurabh Bagchi
EE 325
Tue, Fri 3-4

Administrative Assistant:

Mary-Ann Satterfield
EE 326B

Graduate Course Assistants:

Edgardo Barsallo
EE 168

Shikhar Suryavansh
EE 34

Class times

Mon Wed Fri 9.30-10.20

EE 224

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What's New:

  1. Nov 19: Assignment on SAN modeling is out on BB and due in one week.

  2. Oct 14: Midterm exam in class on Oct 23. This will cover everything from the beginning of the class till reliable broadcast.

  3. Sep 30: Assignment 1 on software analysis of real-world failure data is posted on Blackboard. It is due on Oct 7 (Mon).

  4. Sep 15: An online anonymous feedback link is created. You can use this to let me know your thoughts on the class---what is working as well as what needs improvement---throughout the semester. Link

  5. Aug 15: Welcome to a new semester of the FTC class. This class is fit for any graduate student with a strong CS or ECE background, i.e., one who is able to program in at least one high level programming language and has a basic knowledge of probability. It is not an advanced specialized graduate level course. [ Course flyer (PDF) ]

  6. Aug 15: The new course outline is posted. New topics include big data for reliability and security and secure coding practices. [ WWW ] [ PDF ]

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