The Facility for Experimental Nonlinear Dynamics & Diagnostics (FEND2) supports research in nonlinear vibrations and dynamics, vehicle dynamics, and structural diagnostics, prognostics, and reliability forecasting. It is located in the East Wing of the Ray W. Herrick Laboratories on the main campus of Purdue University. Typical research projects involve analytical and experimental structural dynamics/mechanics, damage diagnosis and prognosis/structural health monitoring, system-level noise & vibration analysis, nonlinear design-for-control, and data analysis and signal processing. The FEND2 also supports student projects in structural dynamic system characterization and identification in the course ME 597A "Experimental Structural Dynamics Analysis" and ME 497A "Practical Experiences in Vibration". The FEND2 houses a wide variety of hardware for actuation, sensing, data acquisition, and data analysis in structural dynamics.

  • Variety of PCB Piezoelectric accelerometers, strain gauges, impact hammers and actuators
  • 1 - PCB Piezoelectric Modal Sledge Hammer
  • Variety of 10-100 lb low-stroke electromagnetic shakers
  • 2 - 1000lb Thermotron electrodynamic shakers (w/ 1" stroke)
  • 3 - 4000lb MTS Systems electrohydraulic shakers (w/ 4" stroke)
  • 1 - MTS Systems FlexTest controller and GUI
  • 2 - Agilent 1401/1432 51.6kHz VXI data acquisition system (up to 48 channels each)
  • 1 - IOTech 16 channel data acquisition system
  • 1 - IOtech 16 channel Waveport mobile data acquisition system
  • 2 - LDS Genesis data acquisition systems
  • 2 - Agilent 33220A 20MHz Function/Aribitrary Waveform Generators
  • 2 - Tektronic Oscilliscopes
  • 1 - GE Panametrics Epoch4 Flaw Detector
  • 1 - Immersion Microscibe G2 Digitizer
  • 1 - Instron 9200 Drop Tower
  • 1 - Environmental Test Chamber
  • 1 - Vibro-Acoustic-Thermal Test Apparatus

  The highly qualified technical staff at the Ray W. Herrick Laboratories helps to maintain and set up equipment and test fixtures for use in sponsored research projects.