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Students building rocket for moon vehicle
Purdue University students are designing and building a rocket engine that might be used in a vehicle to land on the moon.
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Microsecond Raman imaging might probe cells, organs for disease
March 29, 2015
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New technique could bring quality-control tool for nanocomposites
March 27, 2015
Professor Arvind Raman and colleagues have developed a system capable of detecting defects and networks of nanostructures below the surface of layered nanocomposites using a "Kelvin probe" scanning method with an atomic force microscope. The ability to look below the surface of nanocomposites represents a potential new quality-control tool for industry.
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'Microfluidics' enables production of 'shape-controllable microgels' sought for medicine, research
February 11, 2015
Arezoo Ardekani and colleagues have developed a new, relatively simple process making it possible to create biocompatible particles called shape-controllable microgels that could be custom-designed for specific roles such as drug delivery vehicles, tissue engineering building blocks and biomedical research.
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New 'smart bandages' for burn victims and others
February 10, 2015
Some bandages are embedded with medicine to treat wounds, but researchers at Purdue University, Harvard University and Brigham and Women’s Hospital have something much more sophisticated in mind for the future of chronic wound care.
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Keck Foundation to fund Purdue research into spectroscopic imaging
February 10, 2015
A team of Purdue University researchers has been awarded a $1 million W.M. Keck Foundation grant to develop a new type of imaging technology for cell and tissue analysis. Central to the concept is the invention of a new way to perform in-vivo spectroscopy, or using a pulsing laser light to determine the precise chemical content of tissues in living organisms.
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'Single-photon emission enhancement' seen as step toward quantum technologies
January 22, 2015
ECE researchers have demonstrated a new way to enhance the emission of single photons by using "hyperbolic metamaterials," a step toward creating devices in work aimed at developing quantum computers and communications technologies.
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Research by Dr. Jay Melosh and Dr. David Minton, School of AAE professors by courtesy, examines meteorite material born in molten spray as embryo planets collided
January 15, 2015
Research done at Purdue University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology suggests collisions of planetary embryos--the seeds to the planets in our solar system that existed 4 billion years ago--could be the origin of the material that formed asteroids. Dr. Jay Melosh and Dr. David Minton, School of Aeronautics and Astronautics professors by courtesy, say the next step in the research may be to explore how this chondrule formation mechanism fits into a new model for the early stages of planet formation.
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School of AAE Professors part of $259M partnership aiming to advance manufacturing research
January 12, 2015
The multistate Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation includes the Indiana-based Design, Modeling and Simulation Enabling Technology Center at Purdue University. Team leaders at Purdue includes School of Aeronautics and Astronautics professors Wenbin Yu, associate professor; R. Byron Pipes, engineering professor who is leading Purdue's research; Johnathan Goodsell, visiting assistant professor; and Ronald Steuterman, the center's managing director.
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Pharmaceuticals, personal care products could taint swimming pools
January 08, 2015
A new study suggests pharmaceuticals and chemicals from personal care products end up in swimming pools, possibly interacting with chlorine to produce disinfection byproducts with unknown properties and health effects.
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