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Environmental Science


Metal-exchanged Zeolites for NOx Pollution Abatement Catalysis

Research categories:  Chemical, Environmental Science
School/Dept.: Chemical Engineering
Professor: Rajamani Gounder
Preferred major(s): Chemical Engineering
Number of positions: 1

Copper- and iron-exchanged zeolite catalysts are used commercially for the abatement of nitrogen oxide pollutants in lean-burn diesel engine exhaust. The structure and density of metal ion active sites in zeolites depends on the distribution of framework aluminum atoms that serve as anchoring points for the active metal species. This research project will involve investigating methods to synthesize and control the arrangement of framework aluminum atoms in zeolites, and to characterize the aluminum distribution using metal ion-exchange techniques. These findings will be used to tailor the structure and reactivity of catalysts used for environmental protection and pollution abatement strategies in diesel vehicles.