Requirements for Year-Round Participants

Spring Semester

As a participant in the SURF…Year-Round program, you are required to:

  1. Set up a research schedule with your faculty member and conduct assigned research approximately 10 hours a week beginning the first week of the semester
  2. Attend meetings scheduled by the SURF program
  3. Write a biographical sketch, an abstract (250 words max) of your research, and a summary of your research progress, due to the SURF office prior to the end of the semester
  4. Make a 10-15 minute PowerPoint presentation of your research project in April, 2009. PowerPoint presentation submitted to the SURF office. 
  5. Submit a poster to Purdue’s Undergraduate Research Poster Symposium (URPS) in April, 2009. Required only if you are continuing your research from the SURF summer program.

You are expected to:

  1. Forge good relationships with your research mentors (both faculty member and graduate student) and peers
  2. Take a proactive approach to your research and use this opportunity to develop your research skills
  3. Be on time to scheduled events and actively participate as needed
  4. Communicate to your faculty member and the SURF office any changes to your participation status during the program
  5. Complete the program assessment

You are encouraged to:

  1. Submit a poster to Purdue’s Undergraduate Research Poster Symposium (URPS) in April, 2009, encouraged for first time SURF researcher
  2. Seek assistance and ask questions within your lab, SURF program and Purdue University, to meet your educational and personal goals
  3. Take advantage of all resources available to you this semester; i.e., libraries, computer labs, professors, graduate students, other SURF students, etc.