Research Areas of Interest to Intel

Students’ projects should reflect a strong link to the semiconductor and information
technology industry overall; i.e., closely related to one or more of the technical areas
listed below:

  1. Analog, digital or RF design
  2. Micro-architecture techniques (multi-core and multi-thread)
  3. System architecture (hardware and software)
  4. Human computer interface (speech, handwriting, audio, vision)
  5. Wireless communication and networking
  6. Visualization techniques (natural rendering, light field mapping, 3D modeling)
  7. Compilers and run-time systems (type-safe language systems, open research compiler)
  8. Information and knowledge representation (Bayesian analysis, supply network)
  9. Distributed and pervasive computing
  10. Pervasive computing: software radio, MEMS radio, MEMS sensors
  11. Electronic design automation and CAD Tools
  12. Semiconductor package design and test
  13. VLSI-CMOS and semiconductor physics
  14. High speed signal processing
  15. High speed low power design issues
  16. Process and yield enhancement
  17. Semiconductor tool design
  18. Mixed signal logic and circuit design
  19. Lithography and dry etch research, including polish, sputter, wet clean, metrology, and diffusion
  20. Advanced thin films research
  21. Optical modeling
  22. Multi and many core programming

These projects will typically be in the following disciplines:

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Material Science Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Industrial Engineering