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Before filling out this form, please learn more about the specific program to which you are applying. The program links are listed on the right side bar. Click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the On-Campus program.

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To create an application, scroll down and enter a unique password under 'Student Information'. Be sure to choose a password that you will remember. Once you begin the application process, you will be able to save your application and complete it later. Your application number will be generated when you save the application for the first time. Your password along with your application number will allow you to access your application from this site at a later date.

When you submit your application, you will be presented with a printable preview. At this point, you can edit your information, print it, or continue by submitting the final version to the SURF office. Once submitted, you will no longer be able to make changes to your application, but you will be able to view and print it.

When the final submission is complete, the following emails will be sent:

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  • A message to your Purdue faculty member (if you specified one) asking them to complete the Project Information & Recommendation Form for you
  • A message to the SURF office indicating your submission

To complete the application process, submit your official university transcript to the SURF office. Your official transcript should include all grades and coursework through the current session. For Purdue students, order a transcript online through MyPurdue and request that it be sent directly to the SURF Program Manager at Non-Purdue students should contact their student services office and also request an official transcript be sent to SURF electronically. If an online order system is not available, request the transcript be mailed directly to the SURF office before the application deadline.

The SURF program is very competitive. Qualified applicants should take the application process seriously by fully answering all questions and providing all required documents by the deadline.

Please wait until our programs are accepting applications before filling out this form.


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Student Information

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Academic Background

PUIDs should be 10 digits with a dash in the middle: 12345-12345
Example: May 2020

Research Interests and Background


(Please note that lacking these skills will not have a negative impact on your application.)

A minimum of 250 words is required, but there is no limit on the length of the essay. Please take this opportunity to fully answer the question.

SURF is a structured program where students conduct research, attend professional development and research seminars, submit assignments relevant to their research, and engage in activities with other undergraduate researchers. (Read the program requirements and policy information.)

A minimum of 250 words is required, but there is no limit on the length of the essay. Please take this opportunity to fully answer the question.

REMINDER: Non-Purdue applicants must obtain a recommendation letter from a professor at their school. The professor should send the letter directly to the SURF office:

Faculty Advisor and Research Project

If you have already identified a Purdue faculty member who has agreed to work with you if accepted into SURF, fill in ALL fields below.


Purdue Summer SURF Program - Summer 2019

If you have not yet identified a faculty member and project, you may want to note your interest in the projects from the list of available on-campus research projects. New projects will continue to be posted during the open application period.

In addition, provide at least one general area in your field that represents your interests. Applications will be evaluated for the best match for existing posted projects and those that become available later.

Purdue Students (all campuses): Housing Support During the Program

Visiting Student Housing and Travel Assistance

SURF applicants enrolled as undergraduates at other U.S. institutions may request housing and travel assistance to West Lafayette, Indiana. Travel assistance will be considered for round trip travel from the student's home in the United States to Purdue's campus. To be considered, you must complete this section of the application.

Street address, City, State, Zip code

City, State