Graduate Student Mentor of the Summer Awards

The SURF program extends a thank you to professors, graduates students, and post docs who are mentoring one or more SURF students this summer. Throughout the 11-week program, they share their expertise, give freely of their time, and patiently guide undergraduate researchers.  

Each summer, the SURF participants are asked to recognize the contribution of their graduate mentors by nominating them for the Graduate Student Mentor of the Summer award. The purpose of this award is to recognize Purdue graduate student mentors who have provided exceptional guidance and instruction to undergraduate students in the SURF program.  This year, 19 mentors were nominated.


At the SURF luncheon on August 1, the following mentors were recognized and received the 2013 Graduate Mentor of the Summer Award. 


Janna Willoughby,  Forestry and Natural Resources
Advisor: Professor Andrew DeWoody
Shehzad Afzal, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Advisor: Professor David Ebert
Haiyu Fang, Chemical Engineering
Advisor: Professor Yue Wu
Sukwon Lee, Industrial Engineering
Advisor:  Professor Ji Soo Yi
Andrew Schenk, Mechanical Engineering
Advisor: Professor Monika Ivantysynova