Research Seminar-Developing Better Medicine

Event Date: June 6, 2013
Speaker: Marietta Harrison, PhD
Time: 4:00 PM
Location: WTHR 172 (Wetherill Lab of Chemistry)
Dr. Marietta Harrison, Director of Oncological Sciences Center in Discovery Park, will speak about the age of personalized medicine.

Oncological Sciences Center in Discovery Park

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Developing better medicines means developing medicines that work better for you.  We are all unique individuals and although expecting a single therapeutic to work the same in all of us is what we currently do, intuitively it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.  What makes us different is our DNA and now we can “read” an individual’s DNA easily and relatively cheaply.  This ability is ushering in the era of “precision” medicine with great promise and even greater challenges.  We are on the cusp of creating designer drugs, tailored to an individual’s or group of individuals’ unique biological make up.  To realize this potential, massive amounts of genetic and other data will need to be collected, managed and stored, analyzed, and interpreted.  The hope is to sub-classify patients based on the molecular nature of their disease rather than on their symptoms or the tissue of origin.  The key to this sub-classification is the identification of biomarkers, so biologists, chemists, engineers and clinical scientists can design more precise and effective drugs.  The quest for biomarkers is a national research focus and one with exceptional promise.

The Grand Challenge: Engineering Better Medicines