2016 SURF Summer Soccer League

Location: Purdue Intramural Black Fields
The SURF Summer Soccer League allows undergraduate researchers and their mentors an opportunity to relax, interact, and take advantage of the wonderful summer weather. General information, rules, schedules, rosters, and results for the 2016 SURF Summer Soccer League are described below.


General Information

The 2016 SURF soccer tournament is scheduled to begin on 05/31/2016. Teams have been selected based on skill level and random selection.  Requests for groupings are accommodated when possible. Team members are requested to select a captain to be the primary contact for their team. Every team is scheduled to play one game every Tuesday.   While you are free to embrace the designated color and mascot of your team, pennies will be provided during play to distinguish teams.

** Due to popular demand, and to maintain the competitive balance, groups have been merged into a single table.


Teams 1 through 8

Schedule & Results

The schedule and results



Points Table

The 2016 SURF Summer Soccer Tournament consists of a single table with 8 teams. The top 4 teams will play in semi-finals to determine the finalists. 

Points will be awarded according to typical FIFA rules, as follows:  

Win: 3 pts - Draw: 1 pt - Loss/Forfeit: 0 pts

points table

League Format


  • Each team has a maximum of 10 players with a team captain
  • Only 5 players are to be on the field per team
  • A team may start the game with at least 3 people present
  • If at least 3 people of a single team are not present at the start time, the game is forfeited and scored as 3-0
  • Players can start warming up a half hour before their game starts
  • Captains from each team will work together to resolve disputes and to track scores
  • Captains will work with GA to reschedule if games are cancelled due to inclement weather
  • Both team captains are to report scores to GA at the end of each game

Group Stage

Each team will play 6 group games. The amount of points amassed will be used to seed the teams for the later rounds.  Ties are only awarded in the Group Stage.

Later Rounds

The seeding for the semi-finals will be determined by the number of points awarded from the group play.  The tiebreakers for the same amount of points amassed will be, in order: goal differential, goals for, and sportsmanship.  The winner of each semi-final will play in the final.  Games resulting in a tie score will go into a 10 minute overtime period. Prior to starting, the teams will be given a 5 minute break. The overtime period will be broken into two 5 minute intervals on each side of the field, with no breaks between intervals. If the game is still tied after the 10 minutes, a shoot-out round will be determined.


Congratulations to the Silver Snakes, SURF 2016 Soccer Champs!

Silver Snakes photograph

Field Location

The 2016 SURF Summer Soccer League will be located at the Purdue Black Fields:

Field location


  • Players on field: max. 5 and min. 3 for each team.
  • All team members must check-in with the GA before the game begins.
  • The GA will sound the whistle for game beginning and end.
  • Each half will be 20 minutes long with a 5 minute halftime break.
  • Teams are to switch field halves following halftime.
  • A goal can only be scored from the opponents half (i.e. no goals scored from your defensive half).
  • Substitutions can be made when there is a dead ball (out of bounds, or a goal). The number of substitutions per team is NOT limited.
  • In the event of forfeit, the game will be recorded as a 3-0 win.
  • No goal keeper position with hands option.
  • Free kicks (players must be 5 ft or 1.5 m away from the free kick taker).
    • Exception: A deliberate handball, at a radius of less than 3ft or 1.5 m away from the goal line, for a ball clearly going though the two goal posts is counted as a goal, and the player who intentionally handballed is removed (without substitution) from the game for a period of 3 minutes.
  • No sliding tackles are acceptable.
  • Off-sides will not be enforced.
  • Kick-ins when the ball is played out-into-touch.
  • Corner kicks and goal kicks will be awarded for the ball being played over the endline.
  • Any out of bounds situation is considered an indirect free kick, a goal may not be scored from it.
  • Foul or abusive language/behavior will not be tolerated.
  • The referees and GA have the ability to remove or suspend players for excessive fouling, abusive behavior, foul language, or any other form of disrespect.