SURF Soccer League

Event Date: July 23, 2013
Location: Wabash Field (State Road 26 and Airport Road)

SURF 2013 Soccer!

SURF Soccer Competition is open to SURF 2013 participants only. SURF Soccer competition includes two leagues: Casual League and Formal League. Both leagues follow the same set of rules. However, in the casual league, the points will not be recorded and no champions will be announced.

Once the soccer league begins, no changes could be made in the teams.


Win/Forfeit:  3 pts     Draw:  1 pt                                                                                  

Duration (minutes)

1st half: 20     Break: 10   2nd half: 20


  • Each team has a maximum of 7 players with a team captain
  • Only 5 players are to be on the field per team
  • A team may start the game with at least 3 people present
  • If at least 3 people of a single team are not present at the start time, the game is forfeited
  • Team players can start warming up half hour before their game starts.                                                   
  • Captains from each team will work together to resolve disputes and to track scores         
  • Both team captains to report scores to GA at the end of each game                                          

Flip the coin to choose which team kicks-off.

As soon as the whistle sounds, game begins and ends.

Change field ends after the break.


Rules (both Formal and Casual League):

  • The host team should wear white (or light color) shirts, and the guest team should wear dark color shirts
  • Goal is counted only if the ball goes in between the goal cones and is below knee height                  
  • Goal is counted even if the cone shifts slightly but does not fall over
  • Substitutions can be made when there is a dead ball (out of bounds, or a goal)        
  • In the event of forfeit, the game will be recorded as a 5-0 win                      
  • No goal keeper position with hands option
  • Free kick for handball penalty (players must be 5 ft or 1.5 m away from the free kick taker)

Exception: A deliberate handball, at a radius of less than 5ft or 1.5 m away from the goal line, for a ball clearly going though the two goal posts is counted as a goal, and the player who intentionally handballed is removed (without substitution) from the game for a period of 3 minutes.

  • NO sliding tackles!!!                                                                                                                
  • No overtime, no penalty shoot-out (During the league stage)                                                                     
  • Off-sides will not be enforced
  • Two hands overhead throw-ins from the sideline
  • A goal is counted even from the overhead throw-in
  • Foal or abusive language/behavior is not tolerated                                                                                         

Tournament (Formal League)

The top four teams from the formal league with the highest points will move on to the tournament play (The team ranked in the 5th place will be eliminated). If teams are even on total points, the teams with the highest goal differential advance to the Semi-finals.

  • The tournament games will be officiated by a volunteer referee. 
  • All above rules will be enforced during the tournament.
  • New players cannot be added during any games in the tournament.
  • Games resulting in a tie score will go into a 10 minute overtime period. Prior to starting, the teams will be given a 5 minute break. The overtime period will be broken into 5 minute intervals on each side of the field, with no breaks between intervals. If the game is still tied after the 10 minutes, a shoot-out round will be determined.

Casual League

Casual league consists of 4 teams. Each team plays against the other teams twice during the league. The match scores will be recorded; however, the points in the casual league will not be collected. Thus, the teams will not be ranked.


All soccer games will be played at Wabash Field on the corner of State Road 26 and Airport Road.