Congratulations to all 162 SURF students!

The 11-week SURF program culminated with a Research Symposium in Armstrong Hall of Engineering where students presented their research and learned about the exciting research conducted by their peers over the summer. Throughout the day, 60 oral presentations were made and 102 research posters presented. The abstract book is available here.

At the SURF banquet on August 4, five oral presenters and ten outstanding poster presenters were recognized.

Outstanding Research Talks

Rachel Kohler, Mechanical Engineering
Simulating Dynamic Failure of Polymer-Bonded Explosives under Periodic Excitation
Professor Marisol Koslowski, Mechanical Engineering
Nicolás Morato, Chemistry and Industrial Engineering
How Strongly Do Oysters Stick?
Professor Jonathan Wilker, Chemistry
Caleb Tung, Computer Engineering
Resource Estimation for Large Scale, Real-Time Image Analysis on Live Video Cameras Worldwide
Professor Yung-Hsiang Lu, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Cara Koepele, Mechanical Engineering
3D-Printed Microswimmers with Nanostructures for Color Tracking
Professor David Cappelleri, Mechanical Engineering
Meghan Henderson, Biomedical Engineering
Smartphone-Based Microscope for Pathogen Detection
Professor Jacqueline Linnes, Biomedical Engineering

Outstanding Research Posters

Ryan Minter, Natural Resources and Environmental Science
Mobility Characteristics of Azithromycin in Soil
Professor Linda Lee, Agronomy
Taylor Sabato, Neurobiology and Physiology
Tumor Formation in Response to Loss of Chromatin Remodeler Chd5 in Zebrafish
Professor Joseph Ogas, Biochemistry
Ángel Enríquez, Mechanical Engineering
Dual-Tuned Removable Common-Mode Current Trap for MRI
Professor Joseph Rispoli, Biomedical Engineering
Chenxi Li, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Development of Portable Hyperspectral Imaging Device
Professor Eui Won Bae, Mechanical Engineering
Jeffrey Dorsch, Neurobiology and Physiology
A Touchscreen Assay to Probe the Role of the Serotonergic System in Learning and Visual Information Processing
Professor Alexander Chubykin, Biological Sciences
Abigail Gress, Biochemistry
Determining the Role of Epigenetic Factors in Antifungal Drug Resistance
Professor Scott Briggs, Biochemistry
Anastasiia Vasiukhina, Biomechanical Engineering
Three-Dimensional Microfluidic Tumor Vascular Model for Investigating Breast Cancer Metastasis
Professor Pavlos Vlachos, Mechanical Engineering
Ruiwen Wei, Mechanical Engineering
Numerical Simulations of Transcritical Natural Convection
Professor Carlo Scalo, Mechanical Engineering
Joseph Wichlinski, Mechanical Engineering
Measuring Diesel Fuel Consumption in a Laboratory Setting
Professor Greg Shaver, Mechanical Engineering
Jacob Tuell, Animal Sciences
Supplemental Effects of Ruminal Bypass Arginine and Lysine for Improving Meat Quality and Oxidative Stability of Aged Beef Loins
Professor Brad Kim, Animal Sciences