Congratulations to all SURF students!  
You contributed to the research endeavors at Purdue!

The summer was full of research and professional development activities, as well as fun moments with your colleagues outside of the lab environment.

Research Symposium

The 11-week program culminated with a Research Symposium in Armstrong Hall of Engineering where students presented their research and learned about other exciting research conducted over the summer. Throughout the day, 50 oral presentations were made and 93 research posters presented.

Among the various presentations, ten outstanding poster presenters and five oral presenters were recognized.

New this year, an Advanced Research Tools Award was given to the student who used one or more of the following tools in the most effective, technically sound and innovative way: high performance computing resources, 3D modeling for production and publication, prototyping methods, visulaization methods of data, and instrumentation and automation of systems.


Outstanding Research Talks

Elizabeth Wachs, Chemical Engineering
The Role of Surface Area in Catalytic Gasification of Biomass
Professor Jay Gore, Mechanical Engineering
Emily Gill, Biomedical Engineering
Characterization of Swelling Ratio and Water Content of Hydrogels for Cartilage Engineering Applications
Professor Julie Liu, Chemical Engineering
Victoria Noe-Kim, Nuclear Engineering
Tumor-microenvironment-on-chip to Mimic Tumor Heterogeneity
Professor Bumsoo Han, Mechanical Engineering
Shubham Agrawal, Computer Engineering
Analysis of Mechanics and Dynamics of Biopolymers in Living Cells
Professor Taeyoon Kim, Biomedical Engineering
Imad Hanhan, Mechanical Engineering
Fiber Length and Orientation in Long Carbon Fiber Thermoplastic Composites
Professor Michael Sangid, Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering

Outstanding Research Posters

Benjamin Helfrecht, Materials Science and Engineering
Rheo-PIV Investigation of Fracture and Self-Healing in a Triblock Copolymer Gel
Professor Kendra Erk, Materials Engineering
John Hemmerling, Chemical Engineering
Evaluating Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Commercial Biosolid-based Fertilizers
Professor Linda Lee, Agronomy
Danielle McNeely,  Agricultural Engineering
Designing Constructed Wetlands for Water Purification in Tanzania
Professor John Lumkes, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Xilan Zhu, Chemical Engineering
Effect of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate and Sodium Chloride on the Stability of Aqueous Dispersions of TiO2 Particles Against Aggregation and Sedimentation
Professor Elias Franses, Chemical Engineering
Elizabeth Andreasen, Materials Science and Engineering
The Role of Metal Oxide Layers in the Sensitivity of Lactate Biosensors Subjected to Oxygen-Limited Conditions
Professor Lia Stanciu, Materials Engineering
Sawyer Morgan, Chemical Engineering 
Porphyrin Interaction with DNA-based Carbon Nanotubes and Regeneration for Light Harvesting
Professor Jong Hyun Choi, Mechanical Engineering
Krystopher Jochem, Chemical Engineering
Radical Polymers as Anodic Charge Extraction Layers in Small Molecule Organic Photovoltaic Devices
Professor Bryan Boudouris, Chemical Engineering
Joseph Eisinger, Wildlife
Surveys of Southern Flying Squirrel Activity Following Timber Harvest in Southern Indiana
Professor Elizabeth Flaherty, Forestry & Natural Resources
Hayden Carney, Biology
Chronic Brain Stimulation using Micro-ECoG Devices
Professor Kevin Otto, Biomedical Engineering
Xiaoqin Zhu, Chemical Engineering
Thermoelectric (TE) Device made using PbTe Nanocrystal Coated Glass Fibers
Professor Yue Wu, Chemical Engineering

Advanced Research Tools Award

Nilofer Rajpurkar, Biomedical Engineering
Crack Propagation Simulation Tool
Professor Alejandro Strachan