As part of the SURF program, all participants will be required to complete these modules by June 12.  These modules are provided by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program, a subscription service providing research ethics education to all members of the research community.  Please contact your SURF graduate assistant if you have any questions.

Instructions for creating your account

Go to the CITI website: Click on the "Register " link  under create an account.

To create an account, you need to go through the below 7 steps.

Step 1: Enter "Purdue University" for Organization Affiliation. (Exception: If you are a visiting researcher, select your institution if they are listed.  Otherwise, select Purdue.)

Step 2: Enter the name you used on your SURF application;

Step 3: Enter a user name and password of your choice; and set a security question;  fill in the e-mail address you use the most and enter a secondary email address;

Step 4: Enter your gender, ethnicity and race;

Step 5: Select NO, for CME/CEU credits, and; you can select either YES or NO for the course survey question

Step 6: Provide your contact information in the required boxes;

Step 7: This step asks you to choose which modules are relevant to your research.  For most people conducting research in engineering, you will select the following:

  • For Question 1: Human Subjects Research, most will choose Group 5: Non-Key Personnel.  However, anyone conducting research in the Biomedical field should choose Group 1, and anyone involved in a project which will utilize a subject's personal information, or any information from the public (surveys, histories, etc.) should select Group 2.
  • For Question 2: CITI Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR), select Physical Science.  Anyone in Biomedical Research or Social and Behavioral Studies should also select the appropriate box.  Do not select the RCR for Undergraduate Students. This link is currently non-functional.
  • For required Questions 3 – 6: Refresher Courses, select “Not at this time” or at your discretion;
  • For required Question 8: Biosafety/Biosecurity Course, select “Animal Biosafety” if it applies to you, “Not at this time” otherwise.

After you have selected all the appropriate choices, click on "Complete Registration".  On the next page, click on “Finalize registration” to review your CITI course selections and institution affiliations. If you would like to add another affiliation (for example, if you are a visiting scholar and would like to add Purdue), you may unfold the second blue tab “Click here to affiliate with another institution”.


You will have the opportunity after you begin to change or add affiliations.  If at any point you are unsure which options are best for your case, click on the link to "View Purdue University instructions page" for more information.

 Based on your research area and your answers to those questions, your courses in CITI and the required modules under each course may vary. From the Main Menu page, you should complete ALL the courses under "Course". An example is shown in the following picture. Some of you will need to complete the Human Research course. Please discuss this with your graduate mentor or professor.   

Sample Main Menu


In “ Physical Science Responsible Conduct of Research Course 1., Basic Course”, there are two sections of modules, “Required Modules” and “Optional Modules”, as shown in the “Sample Gradebook”. Several of the modules will have a quiz. You need to complete all the “Required Modules”. In addition, it is compulsory to complete the following four “Optional Modules” (also boxed in the picture):

Case Study Plagiarism
Case Study - Data Management (or Case Study - Data Management "Who Owns Research Data?")
Responsible Authorship - Taking Shortcuts (All Science)
Authorship and Publications - The Grateful Author

Sample Gradebook



You can access the Completion Reports from the Main Menu. You should complete "Group 5. Non-key Personnel, Basic Course" on your own but the gradebook doesn't need to be submitted to SURF. 

Print a PDF copy of the Completion Report of "Physical Science Responsible Conduct of Research Course 1.- Basic Course"  and 4 compulsory optional modules on (Plagiarism, Authorship,  Data management and Publications). Submit this PDF file on the SURF Blackboard by June 13. The below naming convention is required:

1) Completion Report which includes the quiz scores for the required modules.  LastName_FirstInitial_RCR.pdf

2) Certificate of the four compulsory "Optional Modules".  LastName_FirstInitial_RCR_Optional.pdf


Link to required RCR website:

Other helpful links:   This is another site with online modules, which you can use for more information.

"Authorship and Scholarly Publication" discusses plagiarism and provides a number of references.

Go to Purdue University Copyright Office to learn more about plagiarism and other copyright related information.