Accidents in the lab

Occasionally, accidents will occur in the lab.

So, what do you do when something happens?  The most important and immediate issue is the safety of everyone. If there is a dangerous situation that develops, leave the area IMMEDIATELY, and call 911. Then, contact your faculty and graduate advisors if they were not in the lab. (At the start of your program, you should discuss with your mentors the appropriate procedures for dealing with accidents in the lab.)

Name and contact information for individuals responsible for laboratory facilities are posted outside the doors of all Purdue labs.  If you cannot contact your faculty and/or graduate mentor, you should contact someone on this list.

All accidents must be reported to Purdue's REM office. Information on how to report an injury should be discussed during your initial training. Since SURF students are not employees of the university, you are not covered under Workman's Compensation. Because of this, your personal medical insurance would cover any injury.

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