Mentoring SURF Students

Thank you for creating opportunities for undergraduate researchers and participating in the SURF program. Your role as mentor is vital to the success of the program and may play an important role in the student’s decision to pursue a research career. 

The 2018 Calendar is posted here. The materials from the May 15, 2018 Mentoring Workshop are posted on this page.

Tips for Mentoring Undergraduate Students

  • Realistically assess your student’s skills, knowledge, and interests
  • Create an open environment and encourage your student to ask questions
  • Explain the overall goals of the project, and the student’s role
  • Meet with the student on a regular basis, a fixed weekly meeting is recommended
  • Clearly define your expectations and outline the student’s tasks and responsibilities
  • Discuss the research schedule with the student
  • Consider the length of the program, and work with the student to develop a schedule to complete various aspects of the project
  • Explain the student’s role on the research team and in lab meetings
  • Explain the role of other members of the team; be sure the student understands the reporting structure
  • Provide guidelines and expectations regarding the lab notebook 
  • Provide constructive feedback, employ active listening skills
  • Get to know your student on an informal basis. Talk to your student about career options, research as a career, graduate school options. Your student will appreciate your knowledge and advice
  • Review the schedule of SURF activities and deadlines, and encourage your student to actively participate

Additional Mentoring Resources

Safety in the Laboratory

Every SURF student must become familiar with laboratory safety practices. SURF faculty and graduate student mentors are responsible for providing a safe environment and should:

SURF participants are not employees of the University and therefore are not covered under Workman's Compensation. During the summer, each SURF student is covered with limited medical insurance through the Risk Management Office. This coverage is primary but does have limitations. Any unapproved and unpaid medical expenses will be the financial responsibility of the student. 

If the student needs medical assistance, contact the SURF office as soon as possible.