Graduate Research Opportunities in Signature Areas

Purdue Graduate Engineering programs have a long tradition of excellence, with seven schools listed in the top 10. Purdue University Engineering programs are building on this legacy of excellence established by the individual schools, and bringing together faculty and students from a variety of backgrounds and diversity of approaches to solve the most important technical problems of tomorrow. The Signature Areas are designated by the Schools of Engineering to facilitate new and exciting interdisciplinary research programs into topics that bridge the traditional boundaries between the various engineering disciplines. We invite you to participate in the limitless opportunities afforded by these interdisciplinary research efforts as part of your graduate education in Engineering at Purdue University.

Purdue Partnership with Central-European Universities

Highly motivated candidates for doctoral studies in engineering from Poland and other Central-European countries are invited to apply to Purdue's Schools of Engineering. Engineering or science students completing their masters' or equivalent degrees, as well as young graduates of technical universities, are strongly encouraged to apply.

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