Design Exciton and Spin Functionalities in Halide Perovskite Epitaxial Heterostructures

Interdisciplinary Areas: Micro-, Nano-, and Quantum Engineering

Project Description

Two-dimensional (2D) organic-inorganic halide perovskites have emerged as an exciting new class of optoelectronic materials, supporting strongly bound excitons with large oscillator strength. The large spin-orbit coupling endowed by the heavy elements such as Pb also leads to great potentials for future spintronic and spin-optoelectronic applications. These unique properties have inspired substantial research efforts in exploring exciton and spin properties in these materials in recent years. Their unique properties along with highly programmable structures make them great candidates for constructing heterostructures to control the dynamics and transport of both the charge and spin degrees of freedom. However, the current synthesis and characterization methods both lack the necessary precision for controlling the interfaces and interactions, hindering the realization of a "materials-by-design" approach for heterostructures based on 2D halide perovskites. To bridge this research gap, the overarching goal of the proposal is to develop well-controlled and atomically precise halide perovskite epitaxial heterostructures as a material platform for long-range exciton and spin transport. We will design lateral and vertical heterostructures to form interfacial excitons with long lifetimes and many-body interactions favorable for ultralong-range transport. Furthermore, lattice symmetry and interfacial strain will be tuned synthetically to suppress spin relaxation and to enhance spin transport.

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Postdoc Qualifications

PhD in chemistry, physics, materials science, chemical engineering or related fields. Hand-on experience with nanomaterials synthesis and characterization and ultrafast spectroscopy.


Letian Dou (Chemical Engineering) Email:
Libai Huang (Chemistry) Email:
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