Fundamental Algorithms for App Based Taxi System

Interdisciplinary Areas: Internet of Things and Cyber Physical Systems, Data/Information/Computation, Smart City, Infrastructure, Transportation

Project Description

The rise of e-hailing taxis have significantly altered urban transportation and resulted in an competitive taxi market with both
traditional street-hailing and e-hailing taxis. The new mobility services provide similar door-to-door rides as the traditional one
and there is competition across these various services. Meanwhile, the increasing e-hailing supply, together with traditional taxicab
flows, influence the urban road network performance, which can also in turn affect taxi mode choice and operation. This study will develop fundamental algorithmic approaches to understand the
competitive taxi market and capture the interactions not only within the taxi
market but also between the taxi market and urban road system.

Start Date

August 1, 2019

Postdoc Qualifications

Strong background in Optimization, Queuing Theory, Modeling

Background in Data Analytics, Machine Learning

Programming in Python, Matlab, C++ 


Satish Ukkusuri, Lyles School of Civil Engineering

Harsha Honnappa, School of Industrial Engineering 


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