Dry Solid Lubricant with Significant (~90%) Friction and Wear Reduction

Interdisciplinary Areas: Power, Energy, and the Environment

Project Description

Dry lubricants (or solid lubricants) are solid phase materials capable to reduce friction between two sliding surfaces without the need for a liquid oil medium. The two known dry lubricants are molybdenum disulfide and graphite powders being used in the transportation, industrial, electric and electronics applications. At Purdue University, a novel tertiary graphene-zinc oxide-polymer composite film is developed as a solid-state lubricant for friction and wear reduction under extreme load conditions for the first time. The liquid-free composite is made from a slurry of graphene, zinc oxide powder and polyvinylidene difluoride that is spin-coated onto a stainless steel substrate. Significantly, enhanced tribological performance was measured under ambient conditions using a ball-on-disk tribometer with contact pressures up to 1.02 GPa and sliding distances up to 450 m. The graphene-rich lubricant demonstrates substantial friction and wear reduction (ca. 90 %) compared to unlubricated sliding. The composite film is able to maintain its lubricating effects under extreme operating conditions including 15 N normal load and 450 m sliding distance. The durability and resilience of this adhesive coating suggest exceptional potential as a dry lubricant for high load-bearing applications. This technology attracted wide industrial interest including TIMKEN, and The Boeing Company.

Start Date

June 1, 2019

Postdoc Qualifications

Promising candidates shall have Ph.D. in mechanical engineering / materials science / chemical engineering with solid research background in tribology, materials chemistry and processing, materials characterizations and tribology characterizations.  


Vilas G. Pol (ChE)

Farshid Sadeghi (ME)


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