Joseph Nelson Howell

Systems Programmer/Administrator

Office: MSEE 104E
Phone: (765) 494-4631

Unit and Group Affiliations


Nelson Howell works for the ECN Software group as a System Administrator. Previous to his contribution to the ECN, Nelson worked as a Program Analyst with duties primarily comprised of system administration. That translates to "keeping things up and running." At the ECN, Nelson spends most of his time applying patches and updates. This includes troubleshooting operating systems and consulting.

An average day for Nelson begins with the routine email check. This is very important because overnight programs report any activity which might indicate a problem or even a down machine. He must wade through literally hundreds, sometimes thousands, of messages before he can move on to the software queue. There, he will update any items which have been addressed, check for new requests, and locate recurring problems. Next, Nelson reviews materials regarding any new patches or updates from vendors for operating systems supported by the ECN. Nelson's excellent problem solving skills have resulted in the tackling and solving of the more complicated, hard to diagnose problems.

In his spare time, Nelson enjoys woodworking. He has crafted a collection of miniature furniture and has decided to begin work on the "real thing." He has already planned a dining room table which he plans to make from Black Walnut, grown and felled on his property.