Matilde Sanchez-Pena

Visiting Assistant Professor


Unit and Group Affiliations


Dr. Matilde Sanchez-Pena is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the School of Engineering Education at Purdue University. Before engaging in Engineering Education research, she contributed to a wide range of research areas including genetic disorders, manufacturing optimization, cancer biomarker detection, and the evaluation of social programs. After completing graduate degrees in Industrial Engineering and Statistics, her interest in teaching and learning led her to the Ph.D. in Engineering Education at Purdue University from which she graduated in 2018. Her dissertation study explored differences across gender of faculty retention and promotion at research-intensive institutions. Through her research and teaching, Dr. Sanchez-Pena aims to promote a more equitable engineering field, in which students of all backgrounds can acquire the knowledge and skills to achieve their goals. Dr. Sanchez-Pena is passionate about teaching engineering students and in particular First-Year Engineering students, from which she draws a lot of inspiration because of their energy and creativity. She takes as her mission to foster their creativity and support their development so that they can find their unique engineering path. When not working, she enjoys taking hikes or walks with her partner who is a Physics education researcher, most likely the conversations will end up with a new cool thing to try with their students.