Andrew Sydelko

Sr. It Research And Infrastructure Eng

Office: MSEE 104
Phone: (765) 494-8649

Unit and Group Affiliations


Andrew is currently a Computer Engineering student at Purdue who is working full time as a Systems Analyst and Programmer. Andrew began working at ECN in February of 2000, and he has been a full time member of the ECN staff since April of 2001. Infrastructure development of the Zope web cluster was largely his doing, and he is constantly working to help ECN migrate toward new web serving and developing techniques. A typical day for Andrew begins with checking to make sure that nothing strange has happened to the system overnight. He checks his email and the queue for fires that need to be put out, and once everything is moving smoothly, he can concentrate on his projects. His first responsibility is to constantly maintain the Zope clusters that hold all of ECN web resources. When Linux was adopted by engineering, it was due, in part, to Andrew's efforts; now, he spends quite a bit of his time on a special projects team that provides ECE with Linux support. He also works with other special projects teams as requested, and his efforts quietly spread all around campus. Recently he has been tasked with the responsibility of specifying and ordering servers and workstations for faculty and staff in Engineering. The majority of Andrew's job satisfaction comes from anticipating problems, solving problems that do arise, and "just getting things done," making progress for the University. Andrew has lived all over the country, and traveling is very important to him. He loves to fly with his pilot friends, and he also goes hiking and backpacking when he gets the chance. He is part of an ECN volleyball team that gets together for fun and exercise. When he has some free time, Andrew loves to play with new technologies, exploring the possibilities of new hardware and software innovations.