Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs oversees all activities including, but not limited to, faculty hiring and retention, dual career, faculty promotion and tenure, faculty and staff recognition, and other faculty and staff issues.

For more information, visit the Academic Affairs web site.

Kathleen Howell - Administrator
Hsu Lo Distinguished Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
(765) 494-5786
  Cristina Crozier
Visa And Immigration Specialist
(765) 496-0209
Marsha Freeland
Academic Affairs Coordinator
(765) 494-5341
Senem Guler
Faculty Employment Specialist
(765) 494-5012
  Michelle Jansen
Director Of Concierge Program
(765) 494-6772
  Brittany Rees
Administrative Assistant
(765) 494-5349
  Miranda Robledo Fisher
Visa And Immigration Coordinator
(765) 496-0360