All core activities of the Faculty Intergroup Dialogue and Inclusion Alliance are undergoing rigorous evaluation research to assess outcomes and aims regarding faculty members’ gains from diversity and inclusion educational opportunities and intergroup dialogue. Specifically, we are conducting mixed-methods and longitudinal research to examine the micro- and macro-effects on changes in attitudes, behavior, retention, success, and well-being of our faculty. In addition, the alliance focuses on gaining a better understanding of the experiences of women and racial-ethnic minority faculty members on campus. This type of research is critical to develop core activities that are inclusive and address campus culture issues. Together, these two research components of the alliance ensure that our efforts are effectively contributing to a positive culture change and, importantly, positively impacting underrepresented faculty members of our community. If successful, our initiative can serve as a “blueprint” for other institutions of higher education to implement. We hope this will place Purdue as a leader in transformative change within higher education—further enabling us to break the cycle of underrepresentation of diverse talent that our campus is currently experiencing.