Be a Better Ally: What we say at Purdue and Why it Matters Workshop

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This two-hour session is designed to increase participants’ awareness of microaggressions, to understand the difference between diversity and inclusion, to provide opportunities to practice using inclusive language, and to participate in scenarios to practice being an intervening ally.

At the end of the workshop, participants are encouraged to set a personal goal to increase use of inclusive language and ally action.

This workshop aligns with the our objectives to promote awareness of inequity, provide evidence- based strategies for inclusion, and prepare faculty to create culture of inclusion on campus. (#1, 2, 3). Similarly, this workshop aligns with ACDI strategic directions to retain diverse faculty, provide sustained professional development, and inspire involvement in enhancing diversity and rewarding culture shift (#4, 5.2, 8)

In August 2018, we were invited to partner with the Krannert School of Management for a portion of their new faculty orientation by sharing this workshop. This offered a unique opportunity to establish cultural expectations at the beginning of the Purdue faculty experience. Members of the Krannert Diversity committee also participated. The workshop has also been presented to faculty in Mechanical Engineering and the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Research outcomes / early learnings:  According to participants in the pilot which included some new faculty, the workshop was helpful to clarify concepts such as microaggressions and inclusion which for some were new learning topics. Many faculty stated they were very appreciative of the safe space to discuss and understand these topics. Further, faculty recognized the value of having an opportunity to apply their learning during the workshop.

As a faculty participant stated, “The workshop did raise my awareness on a lot of different issues.”

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