Purdue Engineering Staff Leadership Academy

PESLA Cohort 4.0

Through real-world case studies, small group discussions, and interactive presentations, PESLA encourages you to think beyond your own administrative area and lead in ways that support larger institutional objectives. PESLA provides the tools and insight to think more strategically, balance competing demands on your time, and engage in more forward - thinking leadership.

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Karin (Kaisa) Ejendal

Karin (Kaisa) Ejendal

Senior Research Scientist, BME

Will Gwin

Will Gwin

Assistant Director, Web Communications & Multimedia, CoE

Susan Khalifah

Susan Khalifah

Director of Student Experience, CE

Jacqueline McDermott

Jacqueline McDermott

Associate Director of Graduate Diversity and Inclusion, CoE

Will Sondgerath

Will Sondgerath

Assistant Dean for Staff & Director of Administration, CoE

Yuxiang Wang

Yuxiang Wang

Academic Advisor/International Student Support Coordinator, ECE

Leadership Academy Members - Cohort 4.0

Emily Blue

Senior Marketing and Communications Manager, BME

Chantalle Brown

Senior Academic Advisor, BME

Betty Bugusu

Lead Research Admin Specialist, LASER PULSE

Catherine (Kat) Burkhart

Senior Program Admin Specialist, Purdue Systems Collaboratory

Chelsea Cummings

Administrative Manager, CE

Haley Cutler

Senior Program Manager, EPICS

Zachary (Zac) DeHenes

Business Manager, CoE

Patrick Francis

Senior Experiential Learning Programs Manager, OPP

Richard (Rich) Franks

Senior Systems Engineer, ECN

Stephen McBride

Assistant Director Graduate Student Success, CoE

Ross Meyers

Research Project Manager, LASER PULSE

Caryn Morgan

Senior Academic Advisor, CoE

Jeffrey Myers

Senior First-Year Engineering Academic Advisor, ENE/FYE

Gabriela Nagy

Director of Industrial Education, ChE

Nicole Piegza

C-BRIC Research Operations Manager, ECE/C-BRIC

Rabita Rajkarnikar

Senior Internship Program Manager, CEM

Nichole Ramirez

Assistant Director, VIP

Brianne Wrede

Assistant Director, WIE

PESLA Team Member participating in a planning activity