Professional Practice Advisory Committee

This committee is responsible for administering the Professional Practice Co-Op and Internship programs for Purdue University. It should continuously monitor the industrial assignments of students to insure that they provide the student with education-related work experiences. The committee must make sure that the employment program fits the objective of the academic curriculum, and that parallel to this, the financial returns to the students are in line with their developing capabilities.

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Eckhard Groll - Chair
Director of Office of Professional Practice and Professor of Mechanical Engineering
(765) 496-2201
Donald Buskirk
Associate Professor Ind Tech/Curr And In
(765) 496-2297
Patrick Connolly
Dept Head And Professor Of Cgt
(765) 494-4585
Robert Cox
Assc Dean Globalization And Engagement/Pr
Nicholas Giordano
Professor Emerita Or Emeritus
(765) 494-3000
Jeffery Gray
Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
(765) 494-3390
John Grutzner
Professor Emerita Or Emeritus
(765) 494-5247
Bruce Harding
Professor Mechanical Engineering Tech
(765) 494-7520
Makarand Hastak
Head of Construction Engineering and Management and Professor Of Civil Engineering
(765) 494-0641
Antony Hosking
Associate Professor Computer Science
(765) 494-6010
Garrett Jeong
Associate Professor of Civil Engineering
(765) 494-2252
Charles Krousgrill
Professor of Mechanical Engineering/Academic Director Engineering Professional Education
(765) 494-5738
William Krug
Professor Emerita Or Emeritus
(765) 494-5614
Mark Lawley
Associate Professor-Industrial Engineering
(765) 494-5415
Mark Lehto
Professor of Industrial Engineering
(765) 494-5428
Jeffrey Lucas
Assoc Head/Professor Biological Sci
(765) 494-8112
John Lumkes
Associate Professor of Agricultural And Biological Engineering
(765) 494-1173
Martin Okos
Professor Of Ag And Bio Engineering
(765) 494-1211
Christie Sahley
Professor Of Biological Sciences
(765) 494-9407
Phillip Wankat
Clifton L. Lovell Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering
(765) 494-0814
Neal Widmer
Associate Head/Professor Ecet
(765) 494-7487
Marc William
Associate Head and Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics/ABET Coordinator
(765) 494-5137
Bernard Wulle
Associate Professor Aviation Tech
(765) 494-9973
David Corti - Member - Alternate
Professor of Chemical Engineering
(765) 496-6064
Eric Kvam - Member - Alternate (term ends Spring 2017)
Professor Materials Engineering
(765) 494-4097